I knew I was failing in grip strength when making one of my healthy recipes in one evening.

I went to pick up fully loaded basket with my left hand and pour it onto my plate, and my wrist couldn’t do the job.

I had to change hands, which felt really awkward since it was not my usual way of scraping it from the skillet.

In fact, a third of the meal ended up on the stove!

As we age, we lose grip strength and wrist strength. It’s a natural part of getting older, but it can also be caused or exacerbated by a number of conditions, including arthritis, muscle loss, nerve damage and tendonitis.

If you lose grip strength suddenly, rather than over time, it can be a sign of a more serious condition like diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Yet, we need to maintain our grip strength and hand strength if we want to do the many tasks that daily life entails. This is just one of the examples of Active Daily Living functions that prompt us to TAKE ACTION so we don’t continue to see that downward spiral of losing strength and dexterity in our hands, wrists and fingers that can occur in the aging process.

Hand-Grip Strength

I am happy to report that after persistently working my wrist and hands three times a week for three weeks, my left wrist has stepped back up.Plus, you’ll now have hands strong enough to strangle that annoying person with 20 items in the 10 item checkout lane. JUST KIDDING… sort of!

I wanted to bring you a few of the tools I use in relieving finger pain. There’s some different gadgets that have helped to me get real rid of the pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, as some of you that have neuropathy, these will be handy tools.

Hand Patty:

Hand Potty

This is a wonderful tool. And it just helped me get rid of trigger finger improve the circulation in my hands. There are a ton of exercises that you can do with this hand Patty. Just look for relieving sore and fingers and hands. This is a great tool because it’s got some good it works. You can need out pain, you can strengthen it. Anything to get that blood flowing and strengthening. It’s just I like the give of it. I like the kneading of the bread and the increasing of the circulation.Alternatively,use a towel a hand towel. hand towel is great to keep by your side when you’re watching TV. Stop lights, sometimes I will grab it if my hands are stiff and squeeze it right. You can do one finger at a time.

Stress Relief Balls:

you can squeeze them and strengthen those hands stress balls. I like the ball with a little more good. But even then stress balls. This is just $1 ball from the dollar store. And oh my gosh, this ball is a wonderful tool because you can press each finger into it. You can roll your wrist forward

Stress Relief Balls

You can put it in your back when you’re driving and massage your back. I mean, I have one in the bedroom, one in the main room, one in the car. So yes, you can use a stress ball. But I suggest the patty or a ball with a little more gift. The grip strength kind of denotes longevity, which I love because my grip strength definitely needs to be constantly worked on.

Hand Socks:

They’re great for strength, it’s kind of hard to do each finger but you can still press with each finger, but the wrist strength and hold it. You know how to use these I’m sure. But it’s a great tool again, because you can use it just relaxing in a chair and have it at your side or you’re watching your favorite TV program. Okay, a must have a must, must, must, must have if you have wrist or finger pain is some kind of race. I don’t know if you do gardening like I do my own yard work. If you do your cleaning of your pool with Matt Paul, even vacuuming, you’re straining those risks over and over.

 I strongly suggest to find at Walmart, Walgreens, anywhere is a good hand grace. If you’re working with a heavy tool and you’re putting pressure on those risks, you’re just making them scream at you. I even wear these to bed because there was a time when my carpal tunnel was so severe, I had to keep those hands straight. Now another tool if you don’t want to buy these, you can take a tennis ball, I don’t have my tennis ball here, put it in your head and put a sock over.o me that seems a little uncomfortable because you cannot use your fingers. But let’s say your hand is not is closing and it won’t stay open. It’s a great tool somebody passed on to me to keep their hand from shrinking and staying put. So give a hand brace wear it every night. I mean it’s worth it not to have that pain the next day. So, that being said, I wear them every night. And then I wear maybe an hour two hour two in the morning and then I take them off and I’m good for the day,

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