Low impact cardio exercise for seniors is an easy way to get moving on days when you need a kick start.

Or, maybe you are anticipating a very busy day where you might not have the time or the energy to attend a full hour class, yet you still want to do something to get the blood flowing and not be dragging your feet throughout your day.

Studies have shown that as little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise can improve blood flow throughout the body to help unlock stiff joints, improve breathing and balance,ease muscle soreness, as well as increase mental clarity and enhance your mood.

So if you have time, do the low impact cardio exercise and be on your way to feeling more than ready to accomplish your daily tasks.

Just do it and and let me know if you don’t feel just a bit more energetic than when you started your day.

you understand, it’s not just dancy that there are reasons for the different rules.So that being said, there’s a little blurb down the bottom with more information. But let’s get going. But to be starting left, for me right over you.There we go to the sidestep.That’s for the lease the enterprise the other time, they close everything. Let’s add some claps.

A little side, twist side to side for that, fine. Take your head with you to stretch and that should be fun sides that we just want to enjoy the music and get that blood going. A little twist with their head stretching than that into a nice easy lean.Elbow.Lexi’s grips.Good. Back to elbow.Good back to a squeeze.heels,ankles, pull that toe back. So you feel a nice stretch through the cap. Good action, simple unconscious for those shoulders again, want to warm up those major muscles. stretching the tops of those. Some of us have arthritis in the top of those feet, we want to stretch that out. Get the mother to give me four more. Three, two, step heel again,just a back to the beginning.

I want you to take your toe back again. But start to cross the floor. So we’re targeting the size of these hips.Feels good.We’re gonna just watch it. Picking it up a little bit. Some shoulders back into those major muscles, your shoulders and arms all your your heart so you’re pumping love there. Front and back. rollin shoulders. We’re going to march your wife to open these hips and back together to widen stay there. Little hamstrings wide. quads, hamstrings, knees, right. Good is you know why you’re doing these moves. It’s easier to do and do some pull ups back to marching and shoulders. Improving the circulation on that upper body front and back.

Marching wide, open these hips back together. March at Why? leading hamstring again? needs quads hamstrings.We’re gonna add a hip. Moving those hips a little bit. Oh, once more right and left just three steps.Let’s add some deltoids 4321 good sidestep back to those biceps take those heels again because, I want to take it across stretching the size of those hips. The Iliotibial bands down the side. Yes. At cross.

To me just play nice, some knives should feel like you’re getting warmed up. Yes. Oh, time for some unlocking ankles. Hips. Knees. Good. Let’s add these arms. Twist in that way smaller. 432 some sides.

That’s fine. Oh, that feels good. Oh, right foot sliding. Let’s get into some nice stretches. send it back. Every morning. We want us to direct and forward and forward, hold this one. I’ll give that Piccolo synovial fluid lubricated. Roll is fine. Oh and brown and green. Things stretch out that hamstring, that cap just massage those knees.Sit back, stay there. Get that hip level range of motion up again motion.

Let’s stretch over opening those lungs. those obliques felt good. One more time. And open up, rounded down. Stretching that slide. Roll it up one vertebrae at a time. Shoulders in your back pocket and Riaan. Bring that right shoulder across. Breathe in and left shoulder and right shoulder and left shoulder. Heel toe those ankles in twist again.let’s take it up a little bit and have fun scooping.Get blood into shape those fingers and get blood into them and there’s this.Give me a little chest stretch no awkward glance.Slide can roll those shoulders.All right,got ready to go to work those major muscles.March and widen a little lower. So you’re working these hips back together. Why? To get through the low tasting this corner lunches a little Mambo front back. work in that walk. Let’s do ourselves in those abdominal walls.

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