Why are hip strengthening exercises important for seniors?

There are several reasons. 

  • We want to avoid or slow down the damage of osteopenia or osteoporosis.
  • By stretching and strengthening the muscles around the hips, we build stability to help with balance and avoid falls.
  • And should we fall, we want strong muscles to protect our hip joints like a mighty barrier.
  • Because your hips controls the alignment of your knees, weakness in this area may contribute to knee pain.
  • Getting motion in the hip area can help with pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis.
  • The ability to move is much easier with strength and flexibility of that ball and socket.

Legs Lifts :

Let’s get started and it’s going to be so simple your leg we are going to lift it off and hold it because believe it or not your leg weights a minimum of 10 pounds so just picking it up a little higher then walking you are strengthen the muscles around that hip joint so we are going to do each like I would say a about 10 times would be great because we need to work it over and over so that it’s making itself get stronger with repetition and let’s do the other way but Slow it Down a little bit so that your hip is working to hold the weight this would not be easy to do while you are brushing your teeth in the morning or when you are doing dishes or when you finish dishes steps away from the shelf and just to some slow leg lifts to keep that hip strong and it helps keep it mobile too easy to do it.

Leg lifts with help of chair

Leg Sides Lifts:

We are going to go back to the chair and reach it it and pick it up form behind it take a little power make sure you are held up tight and lift it up hold it over little bit and you are also stretching out that hip joint just do this ten times well and Other Side you can feel the glute muscle engaging wrapping around into that hip do this ten Times that’s very easy.

while it now we are going to behind that there and slowly lift your legs up our lift so you are getting up a pic of the updated that come up to the hip but we are going to change it up we are going to use our little more power by longing out on it and then lift of that 10 pounds leg some of a its weight even more right and up and you feel that hip joint working getting stronger and if you pick up this outer forth then you are really making that hip have to take the weight on and strengthen it. Other side go out on it and pick up that other leg and just left it remember to keep it straight and tall this could even help relieve a little hip paint if you have it just don’t lift it so high that you feel pain do it ten times. 

Leg Back Lifts:

Now we are going to lift our leg to the back side to the corner making that hip hold the leg up.Making that help hold the leg up and your all feel it again in your glutes and lower back many people improve their tax dexa scan that measures bone density for osteopenia and osteoporosis and now the other side and they are so simple right you are using that leg to work that hip do this 10 times.

Chair Sitting Leg Lifts:

Now come and have a seat to the chair, because when you are sitting in a chair you can also lift up and hold your leg just lift your leg up, if you want to work it a little harder you are going to lift it up and over fence working that hip joint and body stay on this site to get some raps in there but change it if it starts hurting to the other side we are here to feel good and be strong not working pain now what’s do the same raps with other leg 10 times.

Leg Pressing:

Now I want to lift this leg up into your hands and press it down while your leg is pressing up so we’re using a little isometrics to strengthen those hips and you can feel that right into your hip joint so easy you could do it while you’re waiting for an appointment if you’re a  passenger in the car you could do it on a long trip and push down as you push up .

Now take your hand not by your knees but on the outside of your thighs and press out into those hands and release and press out we will feel the relief in your thighs do this 10 times and then shake your hands up and make two fists we’re going on the side so, we’re reversing it we’re pressing against those fists and release and press and release do this 10 times.if you do this consistently every other day another suggestion is if you have a step stool practice stepping up and down a bit or a step or even better find yourself some stairs and climb those that will strengthen those hips just make sure you’re doing it a couple times a week now for those that want to do some floor work for strengthening those hips go find yourself a mat.

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